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2020 Conference

We look forward to conversations and cultivating ideas on the promotion and development of a sense of ownership of their education by students, be it within or outside the classroom.


Join fellow engineering educators from across the country as we share information and enhance our profession.

CEEA / ACEG 2020 Conference

Fostering Students’ Ownership of Their Learning

Important Update on the 2020 Conference

The CEEA-ACEG Board, the 2020 Conference Organizing Committee, and the local hosts at Concordia University and McGill University have been working together to assess the situation with respect to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this process, we have been carefully monitoring information from public sources (Public Health Agency of Canada, the Government of Québec Information about Coronavirus, and the Government of Canada’s travel advisories) and information from our own institutions on their response to this situation.

We all agree on the importance of in-person meetings, sessions, and workshops; however, this must be balanced with our priority to provide a safe and healthy space for all conference participants, speakers, attendees, exhibitors, and partners.

After weighing all of the factors, we have decided to cancel the 2020 Conference. Members of the Conference Organizing Committee with be contacting authors very soon with further details on this decision.

At Canadian institutions of higher education, large investments are continually being made to promote high-quality teaching. Given the more independent nature of post-secondary education, the role of students in their own learning process is of critical importance, and the efforts put into supporting student learning should equal, if not exceed, those invested in improving teaching skills. To fully achieve their educational outcomes, students must be responsible for their own learning. To this end, the theme of the 2020 CEEA-ACEG Conference will be “Fostering students’ ownership of their learning.”

When we come together as a group of Canadian engineering educators in Montreal in 2020, we will look forward to conversations and cultivating ideas on the promotion and development of a sense of ownership of their education by students, be it within or outside the classroom.

Montreal, Quebec

June 18, 2020 - June 21, 2020

Message from the President

This is a very exciting time for engineering education in Canada! As someone who has been actively involved in teaching, curriculum design, and accreditation activities at my home institution, I have relied on the CDEN-RCCI, C2E2, and CEEA-ACEG series of conferences as a place to meet like-minded souls and find inspiration.

The Canadian Engineering Education Association is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. In this short period of time we have seen tremendous growth in the association’s membership and activities. We are no longer just an annual conference, but have expanded our activities to include two institutes and nine Special Interest Groups (SIGs). The institutes (started at the 2017 conference) include the Institute for Engineering Education Research and Institute for Engineering Teaching. The SIGs (started in 2018) are groups of current CEEA-ACEG members working together to advance a common goal relevant to the mission of CEEA-ACEG. Our members are also actively involved in many other national engineering education initiatives such as the Canadian Engineering Education Challenge (CEEC), the Engineering Graduate Attributes Development (EGAD), and the NSERC Chairs in Design Engineering program.

CEEA-ACEG is now in a unique position to take on a national leadership role in engineering education. It is my honor to serve as president of CEEA-ACEG, and work with you towards creating a strong voice for engineering education in Canada!

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