If I Could Turn Back Time

A Role-Play-Based Workshop on Academic Integrity and Assessment Design in a Remote Technical Course

online - link will be distributed in registration confirmation email
August 10, 2020 2:00pm - 3:30pm EDT



Overview: The abrupt transition into online learning last semester led to an increased number of academic offence cases, especially in technical courses. Even though many assessments were made “open-book” style assessments, it was found that students were often getting help from friends or other online resources.

Join a unique role-play style workshop to explore how course instructors and the design of assessments can impact the chances of academic integrity violations in the classroom, and how instructors can manage the conversations that accompany these situations with empathy.

Please Note: A short amount of preparation will be required from participants who volunteer to play a character in the role-play. (There are four characters to be played, and more information will be given if you opt in to do so).

More Details: This interactive workshop will include:

  •   A short introduction to the role-play and facilitators
  •   Live role-play starring those who opt-in (option will be on the registration form)

·   Group discussions and reflections for all participants before the role-play, between its scenes, and after the role-play

Registration link: https://ceea.wildapricot.org/event-3920828/Registration


For all conference related questions - please contact the organizing committee.