CEEA-ACEG SIGs: Special Interest Groups

We also pleased to report the launching of Special Interest Groups (SIGs). Based on interest expressed at CEEA-ACEG 2017, you will have received an invitation to join through our SLACK group.  If you were not in attendance at the CEEA-ACEG2017 and would be interested in joining or starting a SIG the contact information is listed below.

Purpose of SIGs

A special interest group (SIG) is a group of current CEEA-ACEG members working together to advance a common goal relevant to the mission of CEEA-ACEG. CEEA-ACEG’s mission is to:

“Enhance the competence and relevance of graduates from Canadian Engineering schools through continuous improvement in engineering education and design education.”

Pilot phase

Prior to June 2018, all SIGs will be considered to be pilots, as described below. During CEEA-ACEG 2018, the Membership Committee will meet with SIG Chairs and SIG members to discuss how to move from Pilot phase into formalized SIG phase.

Starting a SIG

Starting a SIG involves the submission of an initial membership list containing at least 5 active CEEA-ACEG members all expressing an interest to form a specific SIG, with at least 1 person offering to Chair the SIG. Each SIG will be responsible for developing a mandate that will guide the formation and activities of the SIG . During the pilot year the development of a clear mandate and specific goals should be a priority for the SIG, with the intent to submit them to the Membership committee by May 2018. If necessary, the Membership Committee will work with SIGs to ensure that each mandate fits the CEEA-ACEG mission. Mandates will then be sent to the CEEA-ACEG Office and will be uploaded on the CEEA-ACEG website until such time as the SIG indicates that its mission has changed. CEEA-ACEG should, on a regular basis, provide an opportunity for CEEA-ACEG members to initiate SIGs. This may occur at annual CEEA-ACEG meetings and/or through announcements in the CEEA-ACEG Newsletter. All members of SIGs must be current CEEA-ACEG members.

Ongoing SIG Membership

On an annual basis, SIGs need to reconfirm the intent of their members to remain members of their SIG. This will take place when renewing CEEA-ACEG membership each year.

Joining an existing SIG or starting a new one

If you would like to join or start a SIG please contact Melissa Alexander


Current SIGs

  1. CEEA Journal/Publication

  2. Design Education/Design Communication

  3. Developing Engineering Education Research

  4. Diversity

  5. Engineer of 2050

  6. First Year

  7. Humanities & Engineering

  8. Identity

  9. Integrating Humanities & Social Science Perspectives Into Engineering Education

  10. Laboratory Education/Lab-Based Learning

  11. Open Data Repository

  12. Open Education Resources

  13. Outreach K - 12+

  14. Professional & Engineering Communication

  15. Qualitative Research

  16. Reflective Researcher

  17. Sustainability & Engineering


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