CEEA/ACEG 2017 ConferenceContact Us / Commitee

For all conference related questions - please contact the organizing committee by email: ceea2017@utoronto.ca

CEEA 2017 Organizing Committee:

  • Conference Co-Chairs:

    • Professor Greg Evans (Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry)
    • Professor Lisa Romkey (Engineering Science)
  • Technical Co-Chairs:

    • Professor Alan Chong (Engineering Communication Program)
    • Professor Jason Foster (Engineering Science)
  • Proceedings and Comminucations Co-Chairs:

    • Professor Lydia Wilkinson (Engineering Communication Program)
    • Cris Sewerin (Acting Head, Engineering & Computer Science Library)
  • Treasurer:

    • Professor Deb Tihanyi (Engineering Communication Program)
  • Logistics Co-Chairs:

    • Professor Jason Bazylak (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
    • Jeff Harris (Postdoctoral Fellow, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)
    • Dawn Britton (Engineering Outreach)
  • Student Co-Chairs:

    • Patricia Sheridan (Student, Engineering Education
    • Jillian Seniuk Cicek (Student, Engineering Education) (Student Director, Canadian Engineering Education Association)
  • Workshop Chair:

    • Professor Peter Weiss (Engineering Communication Program) 
  • Workshop Co-Chair:

    • TBA
  • Special Saturday Workshops:

    • Professor Chirag Variawa (Engineering Outreach)
  • Video Competition Co-Chairs: 

    • Dawn Britton (Engineering Outreach)
    • Jeffrey Castrucci (Chemical Engineering)
  • Sponsorship and Industry Chair:

    • Allison Van Beek (Instructional Technology Specialist)
    • Professor Kamran Behdinan (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, NSERC Chair in Multidisciplinary Engineering Design)
  • CEEA Liaison:

    • Professor Gordon Stubley, University of Waterloo  
  • Internal Liaison:

    • Professor Tom Coyle, Vice Dean Undergraduate (Materials Science & Engineering)  
  • Honorary Chair:

    • Professor Susan McCahan, Vice Provost, Innovations in Undergraduate Education (Mechanical and Industrial Engineering)

Join us in Toronto in June 2017!

University of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

June 4, 2017 - June 7, 2017

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