Upcoming Conferences:

2018 - University of British Columbia - Vancouver Campus (West)

Call For Proposals:

We invite your campus to submit an application to host the following CEEA-ACEG Annual Conference(s). Applications must be received by January 31, 2018 for CEEA-ACEG 2019.

  • 2019 - Central - submissions closed

Hosting a CEEA/ACEG Conference

Affiliate Members interested in hosting a conference in their region are invited to submit their application to the CEEA-ACEG Head Office. The CEEA-ACEG Board of Directors will make the final decision on where a conference may be held – based on the following structure:

Central - East - Central - West - Central

*Changes to the locations may happen by Special request and appropriate justification.

Benefits to Hosting the Conference

  • Hosting the conference provides a number of benefits to the host campus.
    • Hosting the conference raises the visibility of Engineering Education engagement on your campus, including with senior university officials.
    • The university President, Faculty Dean, Department Head or other senior official has the opportunity to welcome and address the conference participants. The process of preparing the remarks often serves to deepen their understanding and appreciation of Engineering Education engagement and learning at your institution.
    • Hosting the conference raises the visibility and improves the reputation of your institution and your engineering program externally – within the region, with other universities and industry throughout the nation, as well as internationally.
    • The mayor or other elected official has the opportunity to welcome and address conference participants or sometime they may write a welcoming letter to include in the programme and proceedings. As with your University President, Dean or Department Head, this experience deepens that understanding and appreciation of the concerns and interests in Engineering Education and how students are taught.
    • Hosting provides the opportunity for a large number of your students, staff, and faculty to attend the conference.
    • Host campus staff and students who get involved in organizing the conference gain valuable leadership skills and experiences.
    • Hosting the conference is also an opportunity for your institution to support and advance the field of Engineering Education in Canada and even across the globe.
    • CEEA-ACEG has an agreement in place for a profit share between the host institution and the association. This is disclosed in the MOU.

Application and other helpful documents

The call for proposals is currently open - please submit your interest in hosting the 2019 conference by email to: CEEA-ACEG Head Office by December 31, 2017.  At that time we will send you the application package, which is due by January 31, 2018.  Contact the CEEA-ACEG Head Office to express initial interest in exploring the possibility or Lisa and Gordon to ask questions. We find that it’s usually very helpful to be engaged in conversation with us throughout the process of considering whether to apply as well as while putting together the application.  

Currently our priority are applications to host the 2019 Conference, however, we are also open to receiving bids for conferences further out: 2021, 2022, etc.


Feel free to contact us at any time.

Conference Cycle


Future Conferences


  Past Conferences

2019 Central - Call for Proposals open       2017 Toronto (Central)        
2020  *SPECIAL* To be Announced soon - Watch for details   2016 Halifax (East)
2021  East 2015 Hamilton (Central)
2022 Central  2014 Canmore (West) 
2023 West  2013 Montreal (Central) 
2024 Central  2012 Winnipeg (West) 
2025 East  2011 St. John's (East) 
2026 Central  2010 Kingston (Central) 


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