Défi canadien d'éducation en génie (PECO)

  • Une initiative visant à développer un réseau de chercheurs et de champions travaillant ensemble pour améliorer les programmes et la pédagogie de la formation en ingénierie.
  • Creer une communauté de personnes qui partagent les mêmes idées, ouvertes à l’expérimentation, désireuses de mesurer les résultats de leur travail et désireuses d’apprendre les unes des autres.
  • Tirer parti des ressources à travers le pays par le biais de collaborations pour accélérer nos efforts et renforcer leur impact.
  • Pour plus d'informations ou pour vous impliquer, contactez Stephen Mattucci, le coordonnateur national stephenmattucci@engineeringchangelab.ca

Événement vedette:

Buildathon du projet PECO

December 7th 2018, at the University of Toronto

  • The intent is to align common interests and existing directions between people across different institutions to collaborate on tangible projects where the outcomes benefit everyone involved.
  • The key is to build projects around what people are already working on, as most people are too busy to take on additional tasks.
  • We are hoping to have 3 – 5 projects emerge from this event, and with additional support from the CEEC, develop a network of people working together to tackle problems that are systemic across the Canadian Engineering Education landscape.
  • To provide some context for these projects, the overarching theme will be “What should the future of engineering curriculum and different teaching approaches look like in Canada?”.
  • The event will resemble a typical ‘hackathon’ event, beginning with a session of Project Proposals, then shifting to an ‘Unconference’ style of an energized room simultaneously working on several projects.
  • For more details, see the original Project Overview document
  • Event registration is now OPEN!

Other Sub-Iniatives:

  • Employer Survey – We are developing an employer survey to evaluate how well the competencies of recent engineering graduates map to the expectations of their employers. The intent of this survey will be to provide evidence to inform curriculum change efforts across the country.
  • Initiative Inventory – Through visits and discussions with institutions across the country, we are compiling an inventory of innovative initiatives and common challenges with respect to engineering education. This inventory will provide high-level insight to the most pressing issues in Canada, and identify opportunities for collaboration between institutions with similar goals.

Stephen Mattucci


The Canadian Engineering Education Challenge is an initiative formed through the Engineering Change Lab. The Engineering Change Lab is a collaborative platform for individuals and organizations from across the engineering community to share perspectives, deepen understanding, and take action to address systemic challenges holding back the profession’s full potential.        A sub-group within the lab focused on post-secondary education evolved into the CEEC initiative with funding support from the National Council of Deans of Engineering and Applied Science (NCDEAS), and the hiring of the National Coordinator.

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