ACEG/CEEA 2018 ConférenceOverview

Building Foundations for Student Success
Vancouver, BC
juin 3, 2018 - juin 6, 2018


Online registration is closed

Limited On-site registration will be available at the conference registration desk from Sunday (after 2pm) to Tuesday. Please contact the conference organizers to inquire about the on-site registration.

On-site registration options:

1.      Full conference registration at the regular professional rate. Please note we have only a limited amount of banquet tickets left available. The remaining welcome reception and banquet tickets will be included in your registration on the first come first serve basis

2.      Full student conference registration at the regular rate

Please note, the workshop registration for the CEEA-ACEG 2018 is permanently closed.

Engineers will form an integral part of the global leadership team that will grapple with the difficult challenges of the 21st century. To ensure they are successful in these tasks, we must foster the development of wide range of educational, career, and life competencies in our students. Come join us for important conversations about practices and strategies that positively impact student abilities, resourcefulness, persistence, and success.

Conference registration includes:

  • access to all keynote, plenary, technical and poster sessions on June 4-6.
  • all lunches on June 4-6
  • a welcome reception ticket on June 3
  • a banquet ticket on June 5

Workshop registration includes: 

  • access to workshops on June 3 (registration required)
  • lunch on June 3
  • Cost: $ 80.00 for the day

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Building Foundations for Student Success

University of British Columbia

Vancouver, BC

juin 3, 2018 - juin 6, 2018

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