A space for conversations/ideas/pedagogies that incorporate and expand our understanding of these intersections; providing opportunities and strategies for exposing/connecting engineers to engineering students, ideas, practices; providing a dialogue and meeting space for artists and academics studying the impact of these opportunities.  This year at CEEA: a special session with a panel of non-engineers sharing their perspectives.

More SIGs

Librarians' Division

Chair: Kate Mercer

Promoting the effective and ethical exchange, use, and management of information in engineering education through collaboration between librarians, information specialists, educators, students, publishers, and content creators.

Humanities and Engineering

Chair: Lydia Wilkinson

A network of educators, academics and artists working within or studying the intersection between humanities and engineering; engineerswho engage in areas beyond engineering, and non-engineers who bring their perspectives to an engineering environment.

Engineering Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation

Chair: Tate Cao, Wayne Chang

The mandate of the Entrepreneurship SIG is to create a Community of Practice (CoP) around engineering entrepreneurship education in Canada.