Nomination Form for the Fellowship of the CEEA-ACEG

The designation of Fellow honours individuals who have demonstrated noteworthy service to engineering education, engineering leadership, or engineering design education through their work with CEEA-ACEG. The following form is to be completed by the nominator(s). If needed, the nominator(s) may complete the nomination form in consultation with the candidate to ensure the requested information is correct and accurate
  • Candidate for the Fellowship of the CEEA-ACEG

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  • The nominee is a current member of CEEA-ACEG and has been a member of CEEA-ACEG for a minimum of 7 years (within the past 10 years).
  • Please submit up to a half page description of how the nominee has made an ongoing and sustained contribution to CEEA-ACEG. Some examples include: they have served as President-Elect, President, and Past-President; as a CEEA-ACEG Board Member for at least one term (of 2 years); as an active Special Interest Group (SIG) chair for at least two years; or have participated in or contributed to 5 CEEA-ACEG conferences.
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