There are five different special events occurring on June 17, the Saturday before the 2023 conference this year. These include

CEEA-ACÉG Advanced Workshops

The CEEA-ACÉG Institute for Engineering Teaching (IET) and Institute for Engineering Education Research (IEER) are pleased to announce the introduction of four new advanced workshops. The workshops provide excellent opportunities for professional development and networking with other engineering educators from across the country (and from outside Canada). The workshops are offered in person on Saturday, June 17 in conjunction with the CEEA-ACÉG Annual Conference in Kelowna, British Columbia.

Participants can attend one or two workshops, any combination of morning and afternoon sessions. Registration includes lunch (12:00-13:00 PDT), as well as coffee and snacks during the sessions. The descriptions and details of the advanced workshops are provided below.

IET Advanced Workshops

The IET Advanced Workshops are intended for those with classroom teaching experience and wishing to enhance the design and delivery of their courses.

Note: These are advanced IET workshops; however the introductory IET workshop is not a required prerequisite.

  • 9 AM-12 noon Workshop: Universal Design for Learning (UDL): UDL is a framework for learning that removes barriers and creates a more inclusive learning experience for all students. This workshop will build from the foundational principles of UDL to explore practical strategies instructors can use in their courses to maximize learning for all. (Facilitators: Nancy Nelson and Chirag Variawa)
  • 1-4 PM Workshop: Design and Delivery of an Active Learning Course: In this interactive workshop, learner-centred teaching will be explored from both the student and teacher perspectives. The session will focus on principles, techniques, and tools to support active learning, classroom management, student engagement, and assessment. Obstacles commonly encountered with active learning will be explored, along with strategies to address them. The workshop will demonstrate technology suitable for classes large and small, and there will be opportunities for discussion and sharing of personal tips, tricks, challenges, and questions. (Facilitators: Peter Ostafichuk, Agnes d’Entremont, and Nancy Nelson)

IEER Advanced Workshops

Whether you have attended IEER in the past, or you are new to the Institute but ready for a deeper dive into qualitative methods, this year’s IEER offers you an engaging full- or half-day of collaborative learning with peers from across the country. Participants can sign up for the morning workshop, the afternoon workshop, or both.

Note: These are advanced IEER workshops; however the introductory IEER workshop is not a required prerequisite.

  • 9 AM-12 noon Workshop: Qualitative Coding Techniques: This 3-hour workshop will provide an overview of how qualitative data can be analyzed inductively through three different methods from the canon of qualitative inquiry heuristics: codes and categories; thematic analysis; and assertion development. It is based on the work of Johnny Saldaña. Participants will engage in interactive, hands-on activities that have them working with real qualitative data. Novices will benefit from this workshop as they will be introduced to basic coding techniques, and experienced qualitative researchers will have the opportunity to refresh and deepen their knowledge and may also experience new approaches to teaching qualitative research coding methods.
  • 1-4 PM Workshop: Qualitative Study Design – Three Approaches: This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to design three different qualitative studies. Facilitators will guide you through three design cycles using a combination of short theory-based lessons covering the underlying philosophy, data collection and analysis strategies, and novel interactive activities to support the study design. Three major qualitative methodologies used in engineering education research will be covered: introductory deductive/inductive, phenomenology, and grounded theory. Bring your research questions or ideas, and you will leave this workshop with options for your qualitative research project design, and an understanding of how, when and why to use a qualitative approach.

Advanced IET/IEER Workshop Details and Registration

  • Location: UBC Okanagan Campus, Kelowna, BC (same location as the CEEA-ACÉG 2023 Annual Conference)
  • Date: Saturday, June 17, 2023
  • Times: Morning workshops 9:00-12:00 PDT; afternoon workshops 13:00-16:00 PDT
  • Register: [link TBD]
  • Cost:
    • One workshop: $160 for CEEA-ACÉG professional members; $40 for CEEA-ACÉG student and post-doc members; $225 non-members
    • Two workshops: $225 for CEEA-ACÉG professional members; $50 for CEEA-ACÉG student and post-doc members; $350 non-members

Learning on the Land Event

The 2023 CEEA-ACÉG Conference is excited to present Learning on the Land, an immersive and multisensorial educational event on Saturday June 17th. This limited-attendance event, limited to 30 people (early registration required), will begin with a shared meal, followed by the two-part experience on the UBC Okanagan campus with Dr. Bill Cohen (Sylix Okanagan Nation artist and educator) and Dr. Sumer Seiki (plant biologist and educator).

The event opens with a pond tour with Dr. Cohen, where participants will learn about Syilx culture and how it is intertwined with the land and waterways. The participants then will engage in hands-on experience in the UBCO’s Learning Garden and learn about Syilx and Native Okanagan plants that serve cultural and environmental importance. Dr. Seiki will discuss the significant role biodiversity in the Okanagan plays in global health and showcase Syilx and Red Listed species highlighting six key species. The participants will gain insight into the medicinal, health, food, cultural usage and ecological importance of each of the six key species and then plant them in the garden.

To enhance participants’ experience of this unique event, a copy of the book Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teaching of Plants (by Robin Wall Kimmerer) will be sent to the registered participants to read in advance prior to attending.

We encourage early registration to ensure a seat at this highly anticipated event.

  • Event Time: 12: 00 pm – 4: 00 pm PST on Saturday, Jun 17th
  • Lunch Time/Location: 12: 00 – 13: 00 pm PST, Location TBD
  • Walking Tour Location: The Pond & Learning Garden, UBC Okanagan Campus
  • Cost: Free (this learning experience is supported by the D2L Innovation Guild)

Limited Capacity, Registration required: [link TBD]

Registration for this event is limited to 30 CEEA-ACÉG 2023 Conference attendees. Once capacity is reached, new registrants will be placed on a waitlist, and will be notified should additional spots become available.

Dietary accessibility: To provide the utmost satisfaction to the participants, we kindly request that any dietary restrictions or special considerations be communicated during registration.

Risk Management: To ensure a safe and enjoyable experience during the planting/harvesting of plants, we kindly remind participants of some of the potential risks that may occur during the activity. These risks may include physical injuries such as cuts by the use of tools, allergic reactions to plants or pollen, sunburn, and accidents such as trip-overs. To minimize the risks, we suggest wearing long sleeves and closed-toe shoes to the event; using gloves while handling plants and tools (gloves will be provided); wearing a mask if you are allergic to pollen; bringing any medications with you; and applying sunscreen in advance. As the event involves walking on gravel paths and grassy terrain, comfortable, closed-toe shoes are recommended. Finally, to provide any necessary support to the participants, we kindly request that any special considerations be communicated during registration.