To fostering conversations about what is happening in institutions across Canada, to discuss diversity issues unique to Canada in relation to our students and staff, and make meaning of their experience in Engineering; to identify and mitigate barriers in Engineering Education. We want to develop an ethnographic understanding of experience of under-represented groups in Engineering.

Would like to use the SIG to learn about what other institutions are doing: learn from opportunities and their mistakes. We have an interest in sharing ideas, in using CEEA as a forum.

We want to advocacy for research and research support for the subject of Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity in Engineering Education in Canada. We want to focus, in particular, on what the experience of diversity is in Engineering Faculties in Canada. We also want to create opportunities for students who are interested in getting involved in Engineering Education

Initiatives we are interested in:

We are not sure what resources are available and what are the expectations for next year? Last year, the CEEA Conference asked for a poster, will they want a poster this year? But to sum up, we are interested in a meeting for the SIG, perhaps a special symposium, and a review paper on current research in Diversity in Engineering Education.

More SIGs

Design Education / Design Communication

Chair: Grant McSorley, Jason Foster

To foster the creation of a community of practice surrounding engineering design education in Canada. This will provide a setting for the discussion, evaluation and development of strategies, tools and methods for teaching engineering design and supporting students in learning engineering through design.

Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity

Chair: Cindy Rottmann, Kimia Moozeh

To enhance the capacity for engineering education research in Canada.

Education Developers Community of Practice

Chair: Deena Salem