The mandate of the Entrepreneurship SIG is to create a Community of Practice (CoP) around engineering entrepreneurship education in Canada.  This will provide a community to share discussions, insights, methods, tools, strategies and future pathways in supporting engineering students in developing entrepreneurial and innovation mindset.  We recognize that this mindset may be implemented through the creation of innovation-based ventures in either start-ups or existing organizations.  And inventory of all engineering schools’ courses and programs centred about entrepreneurship and business will form part of the basis for the sharing and collaboration of learning cycles, best practices and approaches in teaching entrepreneurship.


A. Create opportunities specifically for educating engineering students:

  1. for pedagogy and andragogy development of entrepreneurship
  2. for experiential learning
  3. for interdisciplinary-based team formation and learning
  4. for promotion of engineering entrepreneurship across Canada
  5. for transition from engineering product development to technology-based business development

B. Facilitate the generation of new practice from research to practice:

  1. Identify current knowledge gaps in engineering entrepreneurship education to develop opportunities and resources and fill the knowledge gaps
  2. Provide a community and platform for potential national collaboration on relevant research

More SIGs

Design Education / Design Communication

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Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity

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