A space for conversations/ideas/pedagogies that incorporate and expand our understanding of these intersections; providing opportunities and strategies for exposing/connecting engineers to engineering students, ideas, practices; providing a dialogue and meeting space for artists and academics studying the impact of these opportunities.  This year at CEEA: a special session with a panel of non-engineers sharing their perspectives.

More SIGs

Design Education / Design Communication

Chair: Grant McSorley, Yang Cao

To foster the creation of a community of practice surrounding engineering design education in Canada. This will provide a setting for the discussion, evaluation and development of strategies, tools and methods for teaching engineering design and supporting students in learning engineering through design.

Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity

Chair: Brian Frank

To enhance the capacity for engineering education research in Canada.

Engineer of 2050

Chair: Nadine Ibrahim

To facilitate discussion on the identity and attributes of the Engineer of 2050, who will both shape and respond to future global trends. This understanding will be facilitated through input from engineering educators, administrators, students and professional organizations on the future of technological development and the engineering profession.