1. Promoting the effective and ethical exchange, use, and management of information in engineering education through collaboration between librarians, information specialists, educators, students, publishers, and content creators.
  2. Further integrating libraries in engineering education as a support both for current academic work and future lifelong learning.
  3. Understanding the uniquely Canadian landscape in engineering education and adapting to best support users, educators, and practitioners within this context.
  4. Promoting the inclusion of diverse individuals in engineering librarianship and increasing the participation of underrepresented groups within the community.

More SIGs

Sustainable Engineering Leadership and Management

Chair: Marnie Jamieson, John Donald

Sustainable engineering leadership and management is informed by technical, economic, environmental, safety, and societal constraints and risk management.

Design Education / Design Communication

Chair: Grant McSorley, Yang Cao

To foster the creation of a community of practice surrounding engineering design education in Canada. This will provide a setting for the discussion, evaluation and development of strategies, tools and methods for teaching engineering design and supporting students in learning engineering through design.

Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity

Chair: Brian Frank

To enhance the capacity for engineering education research in Canada.