To support the development, use, and dissemination of open educational resources (OER) for engineering, and provide central place for CEEA-ACEG members to find collaborators for OER projects among other Canadian engineering educators. 

OER includes both open access resources (those that are available for use as a whole work but not modification) and open source resources (those that are available for both use and modification, and sometimes re-publishing with modifications). Resources may include images, textbooks, lecture slides, computer code, videos, artifacts, CAD files, homework problems, etc. 

More SIGs

Design Education / Design Communication

Chair: Grant McSorley, Jason Foster

To foster the creation of a community of practice surrounding engineering design education in Canada. This will provide a setting for the discussion, evaluation and development of strategies, tools and methods for teaching engineering design and supporting students in learning engineering through design.

Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity

Chair: Cindy Rottmann, Kimia Moozeh

To enhance the capacity for engineering education research in Canada.

Education Developers Community of Practice

Chair: Deena Salem