The CIEL (Communauté pour l’ingénierie enseignée en ligne) group has been providing active support for Francophone engineering educators since June 2020. CIEL was developed following the creation of the E-CORE (Engineering Collaboration for Online and Remote Education) group in March 2020, which works towards the same objectives with Anglophone educators.

CIEL and E-CORE’s operations are financed by Engineering Deans Canada with the goal of supporting educators through the rapid transformation of their teaching methods in response to public health measures required by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Our Mission
  • Identify, document and share best practices in Canadian engineering educational institutions and in the E-CORE community in order to guide and support Francophone educators.
  • Create working groups composed of CIEL members to produce tools that support online and remote teaching and learning and meet the needs of Francophone engineering institutions.
  • Share best practices with Francophone engineering educators through the CIEL member representatives within different educational institutions or through direct contact between CIEL and the institutions.
Recent Accomplishments

Educators, managers, academic advisers and students from 16 Francophone engineering educational institutions have been meeting weekly since CIEL’s creation to develop resources, including both guides and conferences.

Quick Guides for Educators and Students (translated for E-CORE):

  • Academic Integrity Statements for Engineering Students
  • Preparation and Conducting of Oral Exams
  • Remote Laboratory Instruction and Different Possible Formats
  • Replacing the Board in Synchronous Remote Learning
  • Adapting Exam Questions for Remote Education

Quick Guides Translated/Adapted from E-CORE Guides

  • Academic Integrity in Remote Unproctored Exams (French-language version: “L’integrité académique dans les examens non surveillés”)
  • Student Document Scanning Solutions (French-language version : “Solution de numérisation de documents”)

Development of a Collaborative Platform for Project Presentations

Conference on the Use of Oral Exams for Assessments

  • Professor Kristina Edstrom from KTH University in Sweden

Presentation from Mr. Pierre Lafleur, Vice-President of the CEAB.

  • Challenges and Opportunities of the Accreditation Process

Presentation from Mr. Samuel Poitras, President of the QSU.

  • Best Practices for Supporting Student Mental Health

Presentation from Mr. Jessy Anglehart-Nunes (QCESO).

  • Brief on Distance Education in Engineering
Participation from Francophone Institutions

Weekly meetings take place on Tuesdays from 1-2 p.m. with representation from 14 of the 16 Francophone engineering institutions, on average. Student representation is assured through the active participation of two student members in our projects.


Sylvie Doré, ETS (retired): Founder

Daniel Spooner, Polytechnique Montréal: Co-Founder
Email: [email protected]

Julienne Bissou, Coordinator and Community Leader
Email: [email protected]