Community Town Hall: Catalyzing a National Ecosystem

online - link will be distributed in registration confirmation email
Thursday, July 29, 2021 @ 1- 2:30pm CT



On July 29th, we hope to gather all available CEAA-ACEG members for an important and critically timed town hall session about the future of our engineering education community.

At present there  are multiple national initiatives working to support, improve, and innovate Canadian engineering education. Despite having similar goals, these groups don’t yet function as a viable and sustainable ecosystem due to a lack of coordination and cohesion. A Working Group of influencers and initiative leaders are currently developing an actionable plan to catalyze the connections required in order for the ecosystem to fully realize its potential. 

The CEEA-ACEG Membership is a critical stakeholder in this community, and in order to be successful, the evolution of the ecosystem MUST be shaped by members’ voices. This is why we are inviting all CEAA-ACEG members to be part of this interactive session, which will be facilitated by members of the Working Group. The town hall will have three primary objectives, which are to provide participants with the opportunity to:

  1. Get a sense of what the work is
  2. Think BIG
  3. Contribute your voice

Please join in this important and meaningful conversation. Please note, this event is for CEEA-ACEG Members only.

Facilitated by: 

Steve Mattucci, Liz DaMaren, and members from the Ecosystem Working Group


Registration is open to CEEA ACEG members at no cost.

To register click here:


Registration is open to CEEA ACEG members at no cost.

To register click here:



For all conference related questions - please contact the organizing committee.