We are seeking two master’s students to enroll in our MSc program and work with us on the project, “Engineering Change: Community-Based Assessment and Development of the Tech Stewardship Practice Program” for Fall 2024.

This is a multi-institutional longitudinal qualitative research study that examines engineering students’ understandings of engineering ethics and responsibility and the relationships between technology and society, in the context of their participation in the Tech Stewardship Practice Program, an online program that seeks to cultivate an ethos and practice of “technological stewardship”; and to understand pedagogical practices related to engineering ethics and responsibility.

Students would be enrolled in the Graduate Specialization in Engineering Education (GSEE) M.Sc. (master’s of science program) through Biosystems Engineering in the Price Faculty of Engineering (a program projected to be formally introduced at the MSc level in Fall 2024). 

Each student will receive a minimum of $17,500/year for two years to complete their M.Sc.

Interested students, please contact: [email protected] and [email protected]