Mission and Vision

Our goal as a community is to alleviate the challenges associated with being a student passionate about improving engineering education in Canada. The Student Lab SIG aims to do this by creating a national network of students that support, collaborate, and learn together as progress in our individual journeys.

Activities and Initiatives

As a community, we engage in different activities to support ourselves academically and personally:

  • Regular Meetings: Through our meetings, we have opportunities for check-ins, sharing experiences, discussing challenges, and sharing resources.
  • Thematic Discussions: We have themed discussions on topics important to our success as students in EER, such as note-taking strategies, managing references, grant application processes, and setting achievable goals.
  • Accountability Club: Whenever one of us needs to focus on an academic task, we run sessions for mutual encouragement and accountability.
  • Peer Review: We also occasionally share academic materials such as abstracts, presentations, and proposals, for peer feedback.
  • Mentorship: Our group has students in varied stages of their academic journeys, allowing for those more experienced to provide mentorship for new and prospective EER students.

Why Join Us?

Through our SIG, you will meet other students who share similar interests and are open to share their experiences, resources, and knowledge with others! Our meetings are flexible and diverse with topics ranging from casual chats about the challenges and successes in our journeys to collaboration on projects and on learning new skills.

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More SIGs

Design Education / Design Communication

Chair: Grant McSorley, Jason Foster

To foster the creation of a community of practice surrounding engineering design education in Canada. This will provide a setting for the discussion, evaluation and development of strategies, tools and methods for teaching engineering design and supporting students in learning engineering through design.

Developing Engineering Education Research Capacity

Chair: Janice Miller-Young

To enhance the capacity for engineering education research in Canada.

Education Developers Community of Practice

Chair: Deena Salem